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Referendum on PAS Unity Government on 14 July

The upcoming Manek Urai state seat by-election will be the referendum for PAS unity government talk with UMNO. Like it or not I think the Barisan Rakyat blogger should field an independent candidate to challenge both PAS and UMNO in the upcoming by-election.

We the blogger will then mobilized our limited resource to make sure that the candidate will win, unless PAS openly come out and whack down the unity goverment talk with UMNO. PAS has to learn not to betray our trust in GE12; PAS has to know they did not earned our trust, we trusted RPK, Haris, Zorro and Patrick who managed to convince us PAS is "OK". Now PAS is trying to Sleep and Dance with the WOLF (UMNO), and it is time we show PAS, NO WAY!

I would like to suggest that, Haris, RPK, Zorro or Patrick shall be fielded as candidate for this coming Manek Urai state seat by-election. What say you guys?

I don't mind step forward and be a candidate! Am I a clean guy? [No] Do I have many skeleton in my closet? [Yes I do]! So be it! But I simply have no money for it!
Manek Urai by-election fixed for July 14

PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission has set July 6 as nomination day for the Manek Urai state seat by-election while polling will take place on July 14.

Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said the commission was officially informed of the vacancy of the state seat on May 24 following the death of assemblyman Ismail Yaacob from a heart attack last Friday.

He told a press conference here yesterday that the 2008 master electoral roll, updated on May 22, would be used for the by-election and would be available for purchase from June 15.

According to the electoral roll, there are 12,293 registered voters including 25 postal voters in the constituency.

The electorate comprises 99.22% Malays, 0.46% Chinese, 0.23% Indians and 0.09% others.

The Dewan Petra at SMK Sultan Yahya Petra I in Kuala Krai will be the nomination and main vote-tallying centre.

Nine schools will be used as polling centres.

Asked if holding the polling on a weekday could affect voter turnout, Abdul Aziz said it should not be a problem as most of the constituents were farmers, fishermen and rubber tappers who were not bound by office hours.

He said the commission was hoping for a voter turnout of at least 85% during the by-election which will cost the commission RM400,000 involving 350 election workers.

The commission, he added, also agreed to allow Malaysia For Free and Fair Election (Mafrel) to act as an observer during the by-election but wanted it to approach the commission with any complaints or suggestions instead of going to the media.

Voters can check for details from June 15 through commission’s website via SMS by typing “SPR Semak” and sending it to 15888, or calling 03-8885 6500 or 09-748 2510.

In an interview later, he said the commission decided to hold the by-election as far as July because there were too many functions next month.

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s birthday is in June, then you have the PAS muktamar (general assembly) and the Kelantan state assembly sitting.

“The Dewan Negara meeting is also scheduled for June, so we decided the most suitable date would be in July,” he said, adding that the commission needed time to prepare for the by-election, the seventh since the 2008 March general elections.


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