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TAMAN TENNAMARAM 'GRANNY' CASE: Keep the faith, says CPO Khalid

I received a lot of hated comments on my comment on Malaysia Today when I question the video posted by MT is not that of Malaysian Police since the uniform is white instead of dark blue. I did not approved the comment since I reserved the right to reject them. I don't mind constructive criticism but not bashing.

I belief the case of the granny is a not right on the police side, but then this is my opinion and conclusion based on my personal experience. I have the right to form my own opinion, so does everyone else. I respect that, but please not simple bashing without step back and think
TAMAN TENNAMARAM 'GRANNY' CASE: Keep the faith, says CPO Khalid

POLICE officers are still credible and trustworthy, says Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Ibrahim Abu Bakar.

He gave this assurance following public outrage and calls for the resignation of the Kuala Selangor police chief over the detention of a 58-year-old grandmother in a gang bust last week.

The people of Kuala Selangor, especially those living in Taman Tennamaram, have expressed their concerns over police behaviour in their area.

"The people should understand that my men have a job to do and they will do it fairly. They must understand there was also a police report lodged against the grandmother for rioting and that is why she was picked up,"
he said.

"We are trying to round up gangsters in the area and we will not stop. We will continue our massive crackdown on gang activities based on police reports made by the residents of Taman Tennamaram," he added. Continue more at Malay Mail here


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