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The way I was conned

I received a phone call and it sounded like from a automated voice system. It identified it is calling from AMBank Credit card wanting to confirm whether I am about to charge RM3600.00. The system said "Press 1 to confirm, Press 2 to reject and press 8 to speak to our customer service"

Since I never have an AMBank credit card, I pressed 8 to speak to the customer service officer. The guy on the phone told me I am about to charge RM3600.00 at Poh Kong at Subang, naturally I reply as I did not owed an AMBank credit card and I am not at Poh Kong now.

Next they told me I applied for the card on 2/3/2009 and was approved on 3/4/2009. They then said this is a fraud case and they have to report this to Bank Negara. They also said that Bank Negara will call me shortly.

A short while later, a lady called and telling me that she is filing a report now and asking for my consent to have the whole process recorded. So I agree!

The lady claimed that this is a case of identity fraud and all my account will be under "Bank Negara" monitoring from now onward. naturally I agreed! The next step will I should be alert enough is when the technical team in "Bank Negara" to setup monitoring via ATM machine.

They asked me to go to the nearest ATM machine to setup up the monitoring procedures. They asked me to ignore what appear on the screen and just follow the step they told me to.

Bascially during the setup the monitoring procedures, I was actually transfering money from my public bank account to one AM bank account. By the time, I realized about my stupidity, I rush to my branch to stop the transaction, but it is too late.

Please tell and circulate this blog entry, to warn! I usually very alert on this con thing. But I fall victim to thier trick.

1. Always call back the the BANK, Never allow the bank to call you.
2. Always call the Bank's Number, not the one given bu the Conman.
3. The Mobile Number that was calling me is 014-6108451, can mobile company try to do location scan? and nap this conman?

I learn my leason! Please don't repeat my stupidity!


I have also received a similar call to inquire whether I have applied for a credit card from a certain bank, but I ignored the question. Instead I ask for her identification and her office telephone. The caller hung up.

BTW, I have posted your alert in my blog.

hi... I've also same xperience but defferent product (bout TM Net life Insurance...?????)..

when i ask her to mail me all the policy copy, she said she cannot send coz she need my cofirmation that time!!!! (with the reason, promotion limited)...

So, i just say TQ.. End..bye2.. heheheh

BTW, Tq for the share n in4tion,I've posted ur alert in my blog...TQ

Btw, where is your blog..

Shiok Guy

Aiyoo, you so easy got conned. Never think what they asked to do?

I also got many calls like this saying I win this, won that, insurance and other things. I said really? kthxbye.

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