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Oh my Family Tree

Dear Dr. M

You talked about Malay tend to forget easily
You talked a lot about memory
You are a doctor
Please tell me what is wrong with your memory

Do you forget about your father and grand father?
Only 2 generations and you have forgotten
Where your root seem to be!

Oh my oh my
My Family Tree
If you simply don't honor your own tree
If you simply don't cherish your root
If you simply don't be thankful about the soil, land, water and sun
Which bring about your family tree
In a distance land, not far away
May be Doc, you really need another Doc's help

Oh Dr M and Memory
Sadly you are still around to bring shame to your family
Your late father and grand father surely...
Cry out loud in enternity

Regretting to have a son and grandson of such quality
We Malaysian rather forget and forgive your incenity
Good bye Doc.

You are erased from my memory
Soon you are history without memory


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