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Red (Race) Card: Ahmad Zahid

I am sick of those politician who use the race card over and over to bring about friction among us Anak Bangsa Malaysia. A lot of us will just look and listen without responding to their stupid act.

The following are quoted from Bernama

"BN will not interfere but leave it to the people to make a change. For two years of DAP rule, there has been no progress, no new investment, rather the rights of one race are sidelined although not in the name of race but their action shows the DAP's prejudice."
"While championing a Malaysian Malaysia the DAP does not practice their slogan. The actions of demolishing stalls of traders who are not their supporters is the real attitude of the dictatorial DAP," said Ahmad Zahid.
"If people want change, development and the fulfillment of the needs of all all races, it would be better to change from now as the 13th general election is not far away. Also BN is not like PR that oppresses a race," he added.
 Dear Ahmad Zahid, sound like you are shooting at your own foot (ehmmm Minister of Defence??). I did not even bother to read his comment about the Spy Issue.

If you bother to read and have a good laugh, here are the links: -

Red (Race) Card :
Spy Issue :

What for do you want to bring back the Jet Engine? Do we have our National Security Secret hidden inside those engine? Wah!! Just sell it to anyone who are willing to buy it, if any.


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