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Calling for my Friends and Relatives in N67

If you are from Long Lama and up river. The real Ulu of the Baram River.
Our river is polluted not by industrial waste, but become "Milo" by the logging
Our river is Shallow by all the silt and deposit, because of deforestation upstream

Traveling from Miri to Long Lama take 3.5hours over bumpy Oil Palm Estate road.
We have heard all the promise of a proper road from Miri to Long Lama for last 10-15 years
On every election year.

Our hospital is located at the opposite bank of the river, only way to go there is by boat. "Boatulance"?

Please VOTE BN out, Vote this Fellow: -

But Harrison, don't you dare becoming a JUMPING FROG once you are elected.

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