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Stopped by the Police

On the way back from work and was stopped by the police somewhere near Bukit Jalil. After convinced myself they are real police, I gave them my NRIC and Driving License.

They asked me to get out of my car, and they searched high and low. I did not say anything.
One of the guy was looking through my wallet, taking every bit of cards, papers, receipts out. I stared.
He then asked why I stared, my replied "Just to make sure you did not steal anything" Actually what I wanted to make sure was they do not planted anything. My phone camera was on, and I pretended to talk on the phone.

Keep asking where I leave, I kept repeating just refer to the NRIC, Driving License and Road Tax.

They broke my Driver Side door handle without apologizing, I was mad.
Seeing I was getting mad, one of the guy started apologizing. But another guy was so rude and challenged me to file a police report, or file a claim for the demage. What a disgrace to the police force. But I remember the 90/10 rule, my action to their provocation will spoiled my day. I shake my head and felt sad that such a police force still exist in Boleh Land. What is new?

I have no respect for Malaysian police before, not now and not in near future. Especially when they behaved like this. These policemen are from Low Educated group of people who does not know the law well. How can one enforce the law if they are not well versed in it?

I asked for the ID or Police Number, they refused to give me. Just asked me to copy the Patrol Car Number plate down. What the hack? Usually the police number is visible on their uniform, but their Yellow Jacker covered it up. Intentionally?

There you go, Malaysia Police for you!

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