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Respect is Earned, Not Asked, Wake up Najib

Read the following from Bernama, another usual ball-less spin by the controlled media plus useless ex this and that of all those useless and expired tools....

Association Wants Action Against Hecklers At PM's Meeting In London
KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 (Bernama) -- The foreign and higher education ministries should single out those who heckled and showed disrespect to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during a meeting with Malaysians in London yesterday.

Malaysian Ex-Policemen's Association information chief Mohd Zainan Yunus said, such behaviour created a bad impression on Malaysia, thus, affecting its image and reputation.

"The action, as depicted by two or three individuals, was very disrespectful and rude...those who were screaming and shouting, 'Bersih'... it was certainly not appropriate and did not show respect to our prime minister.

"If they (the two ministries) find that the hecklers were Malaysian students, the government should withdraw their sponsorship and ask them to return home," he told reporters here today.

At the 'Sepetang Bersama Perdana Menteri' (An Evening with the Prime Minister) event in London, where about 1,500 people attended, between two and three individuals displayed rude behaviour, made noise and heckled.


Najib, you need to earn our respect, not asked. Off course you will said, I did not ask them (the above to say so", but you comment about the protest in London show that you still have the mindset of a person who think respect come with the position without earning it. To that, I simply call you a SPOILED KID

To those who voice out above, and all the butt entertainers. You have passed your expiry date, and you simply become a form of entertainment to me. Summarized as Stupid, Useless and Expired

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