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Take My Money and Vote BN Out

Just read about the RM200 Million handout to each BN MP, and also the next round of RM500 (BR1M) handout.

Dear fellow Malaysian, this is not a Donation or Handout;
You do not owed it to BN, or MP or Najib;

This is Your Money, Our Money, Our Hard Earned Money!
Take it, no need to feel "Obligated"

Tell all your Friends and Relative, this is a Refund that Long Overdue;
Remember, this is Our Money and we are getting it back Rightfully;

Just Take it happily, and Vote for the Change of Government in GE13
It is time for the changes, nothing worst than Now.

Oh yes Najib; keep the money coming;
Money which belong to me at the first place, rightfully back to my pocket

I will try my best to tell all my friends and relative, BN will not get any of their vote, Never!
Money, My Money, Our Money, The Rakyat Money;
We will accept it without any Obligation, because it is OURS at the FIRST Place;

Don't be an idiot!


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