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Altantuya Never Set Foot in France?

I am surprised that the above new has been spin to the maximum.

1. France police reported has been said Altantuya never set foot in France

2. They might have based on Custom and Immigration Check at Airport entry where incoming flight from other countries other than EU

3. Hence Altantuya never set foot in France as per direct flight from Mongolia, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Non EU countries.

4. Travelling by Bullet Train, Railway or by car within the EU, you do not need to show your passport most of the time.

5. That already happen even before EU was formally form.

6. I have traveled within Europe by Bus, Rail and Car without the need of custom clearance or check since 1998. Only occasionally at boarder check point, they will ask to "See" your passport without stamping whatsoever

7. How about enter France with Malaysian Diplomatic Team?

8. Read this >>>

Spin on!

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