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I am Not a Pendatang (Immigrants)

I don't really care what or whether one person is pendatang (immigrants) or not. As long as he or she is born in Malaysia, he or she is a Malaysian (Except those given NRIC for evil motive)

Now, if we are going to keep arguing about the pendatang (immigrants) issue, I can say proud and loud that I am not, because I have a blood line of Kayan (Orang Ulu of Sarawak). My grandmother is a Kayan from Long Miri.

This is not her picture :) she had the same Long Ear lobe, and tattoo hand

I was born and raised in Long Lama, can you see it in the map?

BTW, you can see a lot of town or kampung name start with the word "LONG", Long in Orang Ulu Language simply means "Kuala" or "River Mouth" since most of the towns are located at the River Mouth of smaller river that feeds the Mighty Baram River. So we have a small river call Lama, naturally my home town is called Long Lama.

Enough about Long Lama. I am basically 100% NOT Pendatang (Immigrants), compared to those who keep shouting about the issue.

Najib quote as saying here: -

Malaysian Chinese are not “pendatang (immigrants)” and those who labelled the community as such were “lunatics”, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today in an apparent attempt to court the group.
Now we know who is Lunatics, since Najib Said so, so it is not wrong to call those who keep calling the issue is a LUNATICS, let give it a Three Letter Abbreviation == LNT

“What’s important is that Malaysia’s leaders do not consider [Malaysian Chinese] as pendatang,” Najib said.
Can we name a few who are in Najib Cabinet, or MP who are LNT?

From Now on, I will use LNT as Tittle given By Najib to those still have the Pendatang (Immigrants) mindset. Let named them all...

LNT Ibrahim Ali?
LNT Mahathir Mamak?

Add to the list....

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