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A sad father day...

I went to Giant Hypermarket in Kinrara with my 2 boys today around 430pm.

They love to play at the playground at second floor. It is free, so it help to lessen my financial burden. Most shopping center charge RM8 to RM20 per kids (More during the weekend)

Suddenly I heard my younger son screaming, and I turn around and show a 30+ woman beating the head of my son (Wei Xiang). I rushed to stop her from doing so.. and she turn around and scolded me in Cantonese "How did you teach your son? He just grab my daughter breast/chest". I pulled Wei Xiang away from her to protect Wei Xiang from further beating. While at the same time apologize, and then turn to Wei Xiang to discipline him. Wei Xiang knew something is wrong when I am angry, and he extended his palms for me to "beat" or "Rotan". I start lecturing him and telling him it is wrong to grab to touch other's chest.

Been in the spectrum, he oblige and let me beat his palms using my bare hand. He then sadly with tear in his eyes say "Bear Bear". Basically he like the Bear on the dress of the girl and touch it.

It is very wrong for him to do so, even if his intention is not to molest the girl. I was so sad because I did not teach him enough about circle of friends, who and who need to be in distance. Who can hug and who cannot. They are just very pure and do it from no harm or bad intention. But society will not tolerate such a uncivilized behavior.

I then ask Wei Xiang to apologize to the girl, she is about the same age as Wei Xiang (10-11). She said "It OK, he just like my dress with Bear Bear". Kid know each other better.

I apologize again to the mother, showing her my son OKU card. I hope she accept my apology and my son's apology.

But I am still sad, seeing my son was beaten repeatedly... she grab his hand, and using other hand to beat my son's head.. my son try to cover the head and yell "help help...." and he fell on the floor, and she keep beating him.. my heart hurt so much.

I have a sad father day for 2012. This will motivate me to put more effort in teaching him.. What happen if I am not around in the future, I cannot imagine

Happy Father Day to all Fathers in World


Today sending Wei Xiang to School, he hold on to my arm tight while walking to his class.. He normally, hop and jump all the way to class. But today is abnormal for him to clinch on to me like that

Sometimes I wish they do not look atypical or "Normal" as per se, at least the society will be more sympathetic. But then again, we are not looking for sympathy,, right?

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