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You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Rakyat = Monkey?

What do you think about the BR1M handout? The current government gave RM500 to each low income household. The money comes from public fund and we the tax payer is footing the bill. We have to remember that, BN is currently in power and they are managing our money.

What does RM500 mean to one individual? The math: -

RM500/12 months = RM41.67/month; RM41.67/30 = RM1.388888, round it to RM1.40/day

This is RM1.40 per day for low income household. Let’s assume on average they are 5 members in each household. How much is each member’s apportionment? The answer is RM0.28.

I know it is a free handout. I know we should be grateful. I know we should be happy and should just vote BN for its good deed. Wait a minute, really? This is my money in the first place.

What can RM1.40 buy me for? A Chap Tangan Peanut cost RM2.80 per package. I will buy one pack of peanut every 2 days.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Only stupid people will work/vote for you if you do not pay very much

Dear BN, please stop using public fund to buy vote before GE13. If you are treating us like a monkey by giving us peanut, you will need to kiss our butt before we will vote for you.


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