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Highway the Sarawak Style, Highway to Hell

We have traveled in PLUS and other highway in West Malaysia. We pay the toll and have the luxury of getting double lanes highway each way with rest area and others facilities. While in Sarawak, we have highway to Hell.. Sarawak style!

This is a pictures and comments from a friend of mine staying in Marudi. This is her experience whenever she has to drive from Marudi to Miri. The distance is about 40+ kilometers

The is her comment and pictures send to my phone via VIBER Apps: -

42km and construction is still in progress. Part near to Marudi  between SG Arang Bakong and Baram is still BLACK CLAY. That where we got stuck and damn slippery because it is rainy day here now. The completed part has so many potholes though it was tarred and sealed just a few months ago. Belum setengah tahun pun.

Hi... hi where I was stuck just now

Ini dah tarred, and see lah!!!

My comment: Due to corruption, the sand is more than the pebbles and Tar

My comment: this is suppose to be a highway.. Sarawak Style

This is small stretch that has been repaired, I am not sure what is the maintenance cost

No sign of any construction of a bridge to replace this Chain-Pulled Ferry.. YES! I mean CHAIN PULLED Ferry!! No Joke! From Marudi to Miri, we have to take 2 ferries, RM60 for a round trip. It is more than your toll in KL for 42km?

Can you imagine a lady teacher who has to drive through the above road condition? I really solute her!! She asked that the politician from PKR or BN take the trip from Miri using the above road to Marudi. She is very sure they will be horrified by it.

She said "I am the only lady driving in that conditions, Memang dah Orang Ulu pun! Hardy...

In West Malaysia, we have all the nice toll road and even our state road is a lot better than the above. The oil rich Sarawak has contribute so much to the development of West Malaysia, but Sarawak does not enjoy the fruit of it's natural resources. Who are we to blame?

I said, stop the blaming and just do the outing.. let vote the corrupted BN government out!

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