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Ghost of Tuesday, May 13 1969

Dear Friends and Fellows Malaysian

This page is NOT link or affiliate to any political party. We only share view and opinion with those who oppose using the Ghost of Tuesday, May 13 1969 (The Ghost) as a political tool to gain vote.

This page shares the love and affection we have for OUR Malaysia, Not YOURS or MINE Malaysia Alone. This is OUR Malaysia. So let stop those who politicize The Ghost.

What we can do?

1. Actively assure fellow Malaysia that we are not a racist
2. Actively talk and convince our Kampung Folk that The Ghost is a Past that we had learned dearly
3. Share this page, post in this page anything/information/article that related to The Ghost
4. Please DO NOT POST anything that will Spoiled the relationship between us all
5. The Admin reserved the right to REMOVE or BLANK OUT Racist and Provocative Posting

Let The Ghost be by gone past, we had learned from it. Let move forward as a nation

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