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Michelle Yeoh, BN and Anlene

I went to Giant Hyper market today looking for Calcium Supplement for the benefit of my aging bone. I came across the brand Anlene Gold and the following is the picture of Michelle Yeoh as their spoke woman for Anlene Gold

I watched a video on youtube early tittle "Datuk Michelle Yeoh Sokong Barisan Nasional"

Finally I decided to choose another brand instead of Anlene Gold. My reason is simply this "If Michelle think that Najib is the best leader to lead Malaysia, and BN is the best party" then I think her choice of Anlene should reflect her comment about Najib and BN.

We Malaysian has enough of BN and Najib. Do we want Anlene Gold?

This is Anlene Official site.. email them and express your support or otherwise..

We have the right to choose and voice our concern.


Her next movie is call Final Recipe, what a appropriate name

Let boycott this movie..

I agree with you. Boycott Anlene!

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