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When Voting Tomorrow! Remember the following..

When voting tomorrow, please proceed to BN booth/pondok to check your information. Never and DON'T go to PR booth/pondok. This is because BN can estimate the total of the vote in their favor, and if they think they are losing they might be or will be trying to cheat.

Just pretend to support them but vote for UBAH!

Pass this message around! My dear brothers and Sisters. This is the time where we can help our beloved country!

IniKalilah UBAH!!

If you see any foreigners at the polling station, SMS the TAHAN Squad hotline : 0165059065. Just SMS TAHAN and PLEASE DO NOT take the law into your own hand! TAHAN Squad will know what to do and the official email is Please ONLY SMS and we do not want the number to be congested

The following are backup numbers:-


Please share it out to as many voter as possible, this is for the sake of our next generation. UBAH now or we forever regret in later life.

Happy Voting, and wish and pray that we have a NEW Government on 5 May 2013! UBAH!

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