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WJ Birthday

Happy birthday to you

You turn 8 today 11 May 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

In my posting about birthday especially my own birthday I mentioned that I don't like and enjoy the occasion at all. Why? read here

We went to Dampur Nyonya in Bandar Puteri Puchong because WJ like Spicy and Hot food. His favorite is curry and nasik lemak! He also like Ice Kacang or Chedol after meal.

He is on special diet, No Milk Product, No Wheat and No Green. But for today he is free to eat what he like, we don't really care.

Have fun my son!

Give me my curry chicken now!

This is what I call nice food. Yummy!

Testing me and waiting for me to lecture him. For today I ignore him!

Yum yum.....the foods look yummy...
I found out that most of the special kids also love spicy foods, BW too....curry chicken, curry soup....

Happy Belated Birthday but sorry because we are late in wishing you.
Hope you had a lot of fun!

From : Johann n Daniel

Dear Johann and Daniel

Thank for your greeting, we will see you next sat yeah!

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