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Thugs at Jln Balai Polis


I parked at one of the empty car park along Jalan Balai Polis today and surprised to find all the coin operated meters have all disappeared. Instead I saw a few thugs collect parking fee from all the motorists who want to park there.

I refused to pay him a single cent so he kept wondering around my car and trying to ask me to leave. Sorry you met a wrong person today thug!

This woman initially paid the thug some money (1st picture) and he was not happy with the amount. So the woman complained that it is a free parking and why should she pay? The guy said "Mana apa free punya?"

I think the woman just worried that her car might be vandalized, so she decided to pay MORE!

The road is so called Jalan Balai Police and I belief a police station should be a stone throw away. Why are those thugs openly extort money from the Rakyat?


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