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Brilliant Game Plan by DSAI


I was commenting on The People's Parliament on early Thursday morning while trying to access MT via proxy server. I thought MT was blocked by the government and can only be access via proxy server, Haris pointed out to me in his comment section of the blog that, MT was hacked and they were also migrating to new server or something. I was like "huh"? Not now lah, timing is all wrong and I have my withdraw symptom like hell (RPK, your MT is an addiction, hence you are a pusher. Joking)

About this Brilliant Game Plan by DSAI, in my humble opinion the first SD is a red herring and it is waiting for someone to bite!

Did anyone bite it?
according to new report: -

Balasubramaniam’s lawyer for his first SD, Americk Singh Sidhu, told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam received a phone call from the police soon after his press conference yesterday to report to the Brickfields police station. 

“I advised him that as a law-abiding citizen, he should go and see them. So I fetched him to the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm yesterday and I haven’t heard from him since,” he said stressing that he has failed to contact Balasubramaniam since this news broke out.
My 1st question: Since Americk Singh Sidhu is Balasubramaniam's lawyer, why was he not accompany him all the way to the police station, and stay back to make sure everything is above line?

Now I put a doubt in your head. My 2nd question: Did he really been questioned by the police?

In order for DSAI game plan to work, the parties involved have to act and SD2 will and should come out, hence making SD1 legitimate. If other parties involved did not react, SD2 will not be out and NO Game!

One million dollars question is, Did he or did he not questioned by the police?


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