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Daddy, your call!

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Mobile Phone Ringing "Musical Ring tone playing"
Your son : "Daddy's phone is ringing but he is in the shower"

He either answers the phone or brings the phone to you while you are in the shower
Knock Knock, "Daddy, your call!"
You : "Thank you very much"

My phone was ringing while I was in the shower room today, and my younger son knock on the shower room and pass me the phone. He did not said a word, just handed the phone to me. I was so excited and happy and start to hug him and said "Thank you". Since I was totally wet and full of foam from shampoo and soap, he pushed me away and said "Wet wet!"

What is the big deal you may ask?

Your son also bring you the phone when it rings, and my sons did the same. So what is the big deal? It is a BIG Deal for me because my son have autism. They usually are very oblivious of what happen around their environment or surrounding. What my younger son did was totally unexpected and very positive sign of him able to apply appropriately.

Do appreciate your kids abilities to interact, play, question, answer, fight, argue and disagree with you. I will trade with you anything for my sons to be able to do that.

Oh my dear son
Daddy can't sleep tonight
Can't wait for the morning sun
To challenge and fight another might

Good night
Happy Daddy!

So touching and happy to hear that. You are right, it is a 'BIG DEAL' to a special kids parents on whatever our kids had done to us, even though it just a minor minor is enough to make us drop tears. That's why i always said they are the one who controlling our emotion.
Is really a good sign, Yong....
Remember 'Hope on Tomorrow'!!


Yes, we need to cherish every moment!
Every Moment, Once it is gone can never get it back!

Thank you for the encouragement!

Shiok Guy

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