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Who Profited RM700K from Merc E200K Deal?


After reading the comment left by Moo on my article on

State EXCO new Merc E200 Kompressor @ RM250K each

I decided to do some digging to see what is going on with the price. In the media it was quoted that a total wastage of RM3.34Million for 14 Merc E200 K, that come to about RM245K (tax payer money wasted) each.

Now assuming that the state government does not need to pay all taxes and levies since this is for official government used, and I belief the state government will get the waiver from Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Checking on the price of the same model car in UK based on Yahoo car review here


The price of the car is about 30K Pound and based on the conversation rate of 1 Pound to RM6.5 each car should only cost around RM195K (Should be with profit since the price quoted in Yahoo Car Review is a retail price)

We the poor tax payer is paying RM245K per car, a whooping extra RM50K per car and RM700K for the whole deal. Can someone provide a break down on this deal for the public to see?

I want to know WHO is making more that 50K profit per car? or A whooping more than RM700K for the whole deal? Which Company is getting the deal from the state government?


The government has to buy it from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia if it intends to enjoy benefits like warranty. I quick check with MBM reveals this document:

It's the Malaysia My 2nd Home pricelist, which excludes taxes. The E200K is listed at nearly RM270k, so the government is still getting a cheaper deal here because of the bulk purchase.

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