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Candle Light Merdeka

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Am I going to hoist my flag this Merdeka? You bet Jalur Gembilang is flying high at my office in a proper hoisting position, not like the one hoisted in SIRIM head office in Bukit Jalil.

Am I going to celebrate, join the parade? No Way! There are nothing to celebrate about when the country is going down the drain and those in power are doing nothing but sleeping over it.

Instead I would like to join some blogger in Malaysia, just light a candle virtually and physically to symbolize our nation distress and hopeless situation

I call upon all Malaysia to light a white candle in front of your front gate, or somewhere visible on the following time on 31th August 2008.

12:01 midnight - Symbolize the beginning of New Merdeka, Light at the end of the tunnel
20:00 - Solidarity for all ISA detainees and those who are wrongly accused by the corrupted system
22:00 - For the future of New Malaysia, New Merdeka without Racist and Religious extremists

Can I request that you take a picture of your Candle Light Merdeka and email the pictures to me?

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