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3rd Strike; AAB comments on KT Lost


The Prime Minister, Mr Abdullah Badawi comment on the result of 17 Jan 2009, KT By-Election. This is a start of fault finding and finger pointing which end up at Najib. Najib has simply too many issues in hand, and all this dirts are going to fly out as fast as it can before end of March. By the end of March, Najib will be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. The following is portion of the article in Bernama:
"When I received the news (on BN defeat), definitely it saddened me. But what is important, BN and Umno should accept the verdict of the people."

He said the postmortem would be done as soon as possible to enable us to find out the reasons behind the defeat.[Reasons behinf the lost, I am sure Najib will be part of the blame]

"Let us have the report as soon as possible to enable us to know what had actually happened.
[Exactly what happen is the voter does not want BN, and also Najib has too many personal issues to settle first]

"And as such we can take remedial measures quickly to enable us to know the problems, what the people were not happy about our party or there were other problems, so that we can give due attention and resolve them quickly," said Abdullah.[Yes! your party, your choice of candidate and the worst of all is your deputy. He has been a burden to BN, the people of Malaysia simply does not want such a character as our next PM. So please resolve this torny issue first, Get Rid of Najib. You will be a happy man!]

Read the Bernama full article here
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