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Kugan’s Funeral

22 Jan 2009, Bukit Jalil Highway

Today is the funeral of A. Kugan, a detainee who was found dead in a police station while under police custody! The funeral possession cause a massive traffic jam around 330pm toward Puchong and Sunway. Most of the motorist including myself give the sympathy and moral support by horning while passing the car carrying the body.



However I don't support the racial tone of the whole thing. We should not make the issue as racial as per se, we all know the bad record of detainees lost thier life while under police custody. They include all Malaysian and please see thing from Malaysian prospective rather than Malay, Chinese or Indian.

But then again why must he be death? To silent him? Why? Read More here Money or Someone BIG? and please comment...

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RIP Mr A Kugan!



I agree 100%. If you continue to racialise this sort of issue, it would only need a spark from the BN goons to turn this into a racial riot...then all the hardwork to lay an alternative party into the Government wld lay beware...

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