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Now is the time to walk the talk AAB

Dear AAB,

Do you still have influence and power? If you do, this is the time you can show Najib that you are the REAL Boss. Just tell the 4 froggies to fly kite and take the money "If Any" and donated it to Autism Charity! The children like my sons who suffer would have benefit more.

Hee Yit Foong is a person who suffer some form of disability, I never will expect her to be another froggie. I remember when she was swore in as deputy speaker of Perak house, I actually cut down her picture and stick to my sons' bedroom. I keep reminding them that "If she can do it, You can too". Now how am I going to tell both my sons (If they can understand) that Hee is a froggie?

AAB, if the 3 froggie who declared themselves as independent is not BN friendly, or BN don't accept them as friendly then we have a Hang Parliament (BN=28; PR=28) then call for a statewide by-election. By doing so, you will leave a legacy of A MAN! I don't think you want to leave a Legacy of Sleeping PM, do you?

Now is the time to strike back, strike when the iron is hot! Unless you have lose all power! Legally you are still a PM and you have power over the state BN, Right?

We the Rakyat is waiting for you to act now. Before you retired (rich or otherwise) please do something for Malaysia. This is the death of democracy in Malaysia


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