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Elizabeth Wong : Soon a PR White Wash

The Agenda Daily start the ball rolling when they carried the news about how Elizabeth Wong and Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim standing too “intimately” during a recent Chinese New Year Celebration event.

I can only feel disgusted by such a reporting and just to highlight such closeness among friends and colleague. In my eyes and moral prospective it is absolutely nothing regarding the above picture. I am just wondering for those who question her "intimate-ness", have they actually look at themselves in the mirror lately?

Elizabeth, you should not be pressured to resign even when the pressure is coming within PR. I don't belief PR component parties is pressuring you to resign, if they did then them don't deserve our vote in 308. Then we the people would want them to leave PR or else come next election, they will not get my or our support.

We are looking for new culture and morality for political change. No sliding deeper into shit hole forever.
If by election is held in Bukit Lanjan, or at any of the other 2 Bukit that we know. I bet PR will win with larger majority, or even total PR White Wash. The only sad thing is you are not going to be our elected representative. But no worry, I belief somehow the PR government will bring your talent into the EXCO one way or another.

Other information in the WEB about Elizabeth Wong Scandal here..


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