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All Subjects in English Please

With all the debates about using English for Maths and Science, can we actually step back and look at the whole education scene from a distance. Look back to when we start switching from English to BM from Form 1 onward until University!

Way back in the 50s and 60s, UM and USM are one of the top University within ASEAN, Asian or Even Asia Pacific. But where are UM and USM in global or reginal ranking now? Try to plot a chart on the staring decline of UM and USM ranking with the use of BM as medium of instruction in school and I am sure you will see the trend.

Currently the downward trend is continueing and it is about time we stop it. A search on Google here on the issue bring out alot of responses and most are in favour of teaching the subjects in English. For me I will say teach all the subjects in English. Let make the right decision and return the glory of UM and USM!

If you have a choice, which language type of secondary school will you send your child to?


have u ever read this report?

I am downloading it now and will comment on it later.

For your information, I agreed that Primary school year we can choose to send our kids to BM, English or Chinese school. Mainly to study our mother tongue.

But from Secondary onward while we prepared for University, all subject should be in English!

Shiok Guy

all subjects in english is not n math only...other art subjects maybe used BM is good enough...since many terms in science n math derived from english....

for USM...all subjects in science and math, literally, all started with BSc...we used english as the medium of instruction...other with BSa or BAcc...we used BM....

I agreed that most science and maths terms are in English and the direct translation does make some funny joke. Like once about software and hardware of computer.

But i still think the downward trend of our once prestigious UM and USM is caused partially if not all by the used of BM in Secondary school onward.

Looking back into the past in 50s and 60s, our university is our proud asset, but now it is our laughing stock! Just my two cents..

Another reason for the downward trend is because the selection process is not best on qualification. It is better to send those we qualify to the best university and for those less qualify to other university..


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