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Lets have Rain of Democracy

Pakatan’s Tree of Democracy in Perak (The Star)


IPOH: Pakatan Rakyat has named a raintree here the Tree of Democracy – for it was under this tree that the emergency sitting of the state assembly was held.

Unlike last Tuesday when the event drew a crowd of hundreds, not many gathered to watch former mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin unveil a marble plaque there yesterday. Read more

Let have rain of democracy on 7 April 2009, and also during the upcoming UMNO general election (or rather erection?). Especially in Batang Ai, we have to show BN that the Ai (water or rain) of democracy is pouring down from the sky in Sarawak. Enough of Mr White Hair (Pek Mo).

In order to defeat the BN in Sarawak, we need the indeliable ink to be implemented. If not the PR will be having an uphill battle in Batang Ai. But I still belief the people of Batang Ai will be awaken by the shower of Ai Democracy. I am looking forward to commemorate the Ai or Water in Batang Ai as the seed and source of Democracy in Sarawak.

Batang Ai - Water of Democracy of Malaysia

We need more milk to flow back to Sarawak, DSAI promise 20%, right?

Someone commented on my comment in Malaysia Today that the picture above is an insult to the Sarawakian, and we Sarawakian has ourselves to blame for keeping Pek Mo in power. Read my take on Indelible Ink here first and then try to see why an ulu folk can easily be satisfied with a stretch of Tarred Road in front of their Long House.

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