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Options for Malaysia PM comes 1 April 2009

Another 2 weeks before AAB is schedule to step down as planned. Let see what are the options available for the position of Malaysian PM. Based on current political scenario and the number of MP on BN and PR, lets see what are the possibility: -

Option 1: RPK as PM
Based on my poll here, RPK and Anwar command 50% and 33% respectively. But someone has to appoint RPK as senator first before he is qualified to be a candidate for PM. However if RPK stand for the By-election and I am sure he will win with handsome majority. Once he is in the parliament, lets RPK as independent friendly to PR. He will and shall not be make into PR's MP or BN's MP, he need to maintain independent to do his job.

With RPK in the house, Majority if not all those Sabah and Sarawak MP will defect to PR and hence having enough majority to form the federal government. But the PM will be RPK and deputy shall be DSAI! RPK will be PM for one term, where he will make all the change to corrupted system of Malaysia, Clean up the police force, judaciary and media. Abolished ISA and unified all Malaysian under ONE Law.

Option 2: Najib as PM

This will be Malaysian worst nightmare, and will be the begin of the Mother of All Down Fall of Malaysia. If Najib take up the job as PM with all the liabilities hang around his neck, what will he does? He will used whatever mean he can to Clean his way out! What do you think his cleaning will be? Are we prepared for this? No! Not in a million year. In my poll, Najib only get 4 out of total 344 votes. A mere 4% of the votes coming to my blog.

So come April Fool or 1 April 2009. Najib will meet the Agong and inform his majesty that he has the confident of the majority of the house to be the next PM. I hope and pray that his Majesty will not grant him the audience nor appoint him as the PM of Malaysia. 

Option 3: ABB Continue and DSAI as deputy
Reading about the recent lunch meeting between DSAI and ABB, I belief something is cooking here. What do you all think cybertropper?


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