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Clean Batang, Clear Water? Riggings in Batang Ai

According to MAFREL, Batang Ai By-election is the worst ever so far. From what I have learned long long time ago, I know a lot of the dirtiest trick the BN will do to win the by-election or election.

In order to over come some of the possible abuse, the use of indelible ink is a must. But SPR does not seem to think so, and the reason is simply too obvious to anyone.

Some example of riggings by MAFREL here.

I never have a hope that PR will win Batang Ai, the result will be very very close not because it is supposed to be closed. But it is because of possible abuse and lack if indelible ink. This is my personal opinion and I hope SPR could speed up the use of indelible ink. Why not use Batang Ai as testing ground?

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