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Lost 1 Batang and Win 2 Bukits

The Official Result of the just concluded Tri-Elections show that PR has the biggest win of 2-1. Losing 1 Batang and Win 2 Bukits is a very good deal indeed.

We already predicting a 2-1 victory for PR and already discounted Batang Ai. This is because without the indelible ink, the rigging of election process is too rampage. Read about the Rigging report here!

With Bukit Gantang act a referendum for the legitimacy of the current "back door" BN government. The people of Perak has spoken through the voice of Bukit Gantang. Now the BN government will surely say that the result of Bukit Gantang does not reflect the referendum of the Perak people. If thats the case, how about having a statewide election Now!

Watching Hee Yit Foong (or rather hee the Frog) press conference on The Star video and listen to her explanation make you wonder how can she be the deputy of the house. Anyway that beside the point, watch the video here and judge for yourself if she is lying?

Dr M did come out from retirement and may be testing his popularity. Sorry Dr M, you lost as well. Thank you very much for coming out to campaign for Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau, frankly speaking you might just be the reason why the majority has increased.

Now people has spoken in Perak and Kedah! Those suppose to do what is right especially in Perak should now do the right thing. It never too late to win the heart and respect of the people! The three independent froggies, you are most welcome to hop back! Since hopping and jumping is what you do best.

Bukit Gantang official results
Mohd Jamaluddin Nizar (PR-PAS) 21,860
Ismail Saffian (BN-Umno) 19,071
Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Ind) 62
Majority - 2,789

Bukit Selambau official results
Manikumar (PR-PKR) 12,632
S Ganesan (BN-MIC) 10,229
Majority 2,403

Batang Ai official results
Malcolm Mussem Lamoh (BN) 3,907 votes
Jawah Gerang (PR-PKR) 2,053
Majority  1,854.

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