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Malaysia VS Singapore

When I worked in Singapore from 1990-1994, a group of us Malaysian like to joke about the following: -

In Singapore, you are Told What You Can Do. The Rest You Cannot Do!

In Malaysia, you are Told What You Cannot Do. The Rest You are Free To Try To Do!

Confuse? Never mind! I am confused myself. Basically what we did was laughing at Singaporean's Creativity. As a Malaysian I am still very proud of "The Rest You are Free To Try To Do" part.

But lately, Malaysian have tried to do many things and end up Arrested or Banned by the police: -

Wear Yellow
Wear Black
Mention Mongolia Model Name
Attend Candle Light Vigil
Celebrating Birthday plus sing a birthday song
Fasting in protest! I am not sure if you fast to slim down, will you also get into trouble?
The mother of all is "Arrested for Tweeting in Twitter"

This could be the WORLD First Case of Arrest for Tweeting! Malaysia Boleh!


Arrested for Tweeting? This is so so very first!
You must be very proud to be a Malaysian, Shiok Guy!

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