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The Air Quality can and will KILL You!

Air Quality Kills
Until now, most of today's leading air cleaners only recirculate the same, contaminated air - leaving your home and family unprotected against invisible, airborne intruders that can cause or heighten the severity of existing respiratory conditions.

The ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier gives you the power to transform your environment. Innovative purification technology combined with superb performance and purification power effectively eliminate 99.99% of the impurities that are drawn into the system up to 0.009 microns. The ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier has also been certified by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) for meeting the air cleaner performance standard.

Quiet, efficient and convenient, the ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier protects your loved ones by cleaning the air they breathe. It's a breath of fresh air in air purification technology.

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Air quality declines in Klang Valley

PETALING JAYA: Air quality in parts of the country have deteriorated due to local peat fires in Selangor and forest fires in Indonesia bringing over haze to Malaysia.

At 5pm Friday, Port Klang and Cheras recorded unhealthy API readings of 136 and 109 respectively. Shah Alam’s API reading went up to 120 from the 95 recorded at 11am.

Overall, 21 areas recorded good air quality while 26 areas recorded moderate air quality readings.

Other areas close to heading into the unhealthy quality range of between 101 and 200 include Kajang (100), Batu Muda (99), Petaling Jaya (93) and Putrajaya (92).

Compared to Thursday, yesterday’s API readings showed a general decline in air quality in the Klang Valley. Read More at The Star here


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