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Calling Manek Urai, Please vote UMNO

Close your eye and imagine what happen when PAS joins hand with UMNO and proceed on with the Unity Government.

The Unity Government is just a trick that UMNO is playing with PAS, a game like before and when PAS has NO Value to UMNO; it will be Bye Bye PAS. Initially if PAS continues with the Unity Government talks with UMNO, the Manek Urai will be a referendum for PAS.

UMNO youth keep repeating that PAS youth is not happy with the leadership, so is it true that PAS youth is playing with fire? Nik Aziz had spoken out about this and I don't really see Hadi is doing something to make us beleif that PAS is a partner in PR.

I am not a UMNO or BN supporter but here I am pleading with Manek Urai to give your vote to UMNO or Just vote with a BLANK with no indication on whom you are voting for. A vote for PAS will make it belief the people support the Unity Government, while a vote for UMNO show that the PAS youth is right! Your only option is an INVALID Protest Vote, Right?

With a large percentage of a Protest Vote, PAS youth will know how the people feel about the Unity Goverment, and whoever won will have no moral dignity to cheer about. PAS state government will not lost the state assembly if it lost Manek Urai.

So I am calling all the voter of Manek Urai, please help to show our disgust to PAS and UMNO.

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