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SYABAS Poshy New Wheels


What is the odd seeing 2 SYABAS Poshy New Cars within 2 hours on the road.

I was picking up my sons from Klang on 30 June 2008, on the way to Klang I spotted this nice poshy new wheel of SYABAS.

After picking up my sons on the way back home, I spotted another SYABAS New Poshy Wheel on the road.

How do you like that? 2 poshy new wheel within 2 hours gap! I am not against them having a new set of wheel to go around, just bear in mind that you are repackaging god given natural resource of the people of Malaysia. You should do whatever it takes to give back to the people of Malaysia (Selangor and FT).

If you don't need so many poshy new wheel going around, let be it and passed back the saving to the poor people who need it.

Recent article about you guy are profiting from disconnection and reconnection service is just sucked. We the rakyat is changing our life style as per request by the DPM to cope with forever price increase. Whatever you did does not help a bit.

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